Tianjin JG-KAME Metal Products CO.,LTD Founded in 2001, the company is located in the Jinnan Economic Development Zone in Tianjin, covering 27,000 square meters with more than 300 staffs. With 86 devices for automatic sheet metal, welding and processing of all kinds, 20 sets of welding stations, the company has extensive capabilities and can meet the processing needs of major enterprises.
TianJin JG-KAME Metal Products CO., LTD is an equipment manufacturing enterprise that integrates research and development, production and precise machining and focuses on processing and assembling production of precision metal products.

Our main business scope includes the R&D and manufacturing of sophisticated equipment such as computer communication servers, industrial robots, animal husbandry equipment, refrigeration equipment and medical equipment. With a strong technical advantage in the sheet metal process, precision manufacturing and welding, the company has maintained a long-term strategic partnership with a number of international clients and occupied an important position in the industry.

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Tianjin JG-KAME Metal Products CO.,LTD.